Sura River

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Sura River
Sura River in Penza IMG 2613.JPG
Sura River in Penza
Sura basin-2.png
Map of the Sura River watershed
Mouth Cheboksary Reservoir
Progression Cheboksary ReservoirVolga RiverCaspian Sea
Basin countries Russia
Length 841 km (523 mi)
Source elevation 301 m (988 ft)
Mouth elevation 60 m (200 ft)
Avg. discharge 260 m3/s (9,200 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 67,500 km2 (26,100 sq mi)

Sura (Russian: Сура́, Chuvash: Сăр) is a river in Russia, a right tributary of the Volga River. It flows through Penza Oblast, Mordovia, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Chuvashia and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Its length is 841 km, it is navigable for 394 km from the mouth.

The city of Penza, and smaller towns Alatyr, Shumerlya, Yadrin lie along the Sura. At the confluence with the Volga there is a settlement of Vasilsursk.

The principal confluents of the Sura are Penza River, Pyana River and Alatyr River.

The Sura River near Alatyr.

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