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  Sura 65 of the Quran  
سورة الطلاق
Sūrat al-Ṭalāq
The Divorce

Arabic text · English translation

Classification Medinan
Position Juz' 28
Structure 2 rukus, 12 verses

Surat At-Talaq (Arabic: سورة الطلاق‎, "Divorce") is the 65th sura of the Qur'an with 12 ayat. At-Talaq is not only the name of this Surah but also the title of its subject matter, for it contains commandments about Talaq (divorce) itself.[1] Abdullah ibn Masud has described it as the shorter surah An-Nisa.[2] The surah also defines the time period of Iddah to be three menstruation periods, three months if menstruation is not applicable, and in case of pregnancy it is the delivery of child[3] After addressing the topic of divorce and a number of other resulting family issues[4] in first 7 ayaat.[5] The surah then strongly urges people to observe God’s regulations and guidance, and reminded the fate of earlier disobedient people that the apostate and disobedient were chastised for their sin.[6] Then 11th ayah describe the required attitude of the true believers that they exhort to faith in messenger and the regarding bounties.[7] Finally God’s power and knowledge are emphasized at the end.[8]


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