Surp Astvatsatsin Church of Karbi

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Surp Astvatsatsin Church of Karbi
Սուրբ Աստվածածին
Karbi Church.JPG
The belfry of S. Astvatsatsin at Karbi, September 2009.
Surp Astvatsatsin Church of Karbi is located in Armenia
Surp Astvatsatsin Church of Karbi
Shown within Armenia
Basic information
Location Karbi, Aragatsotn Province,  Armenia
Geographic coordinates 40°19′52″N 44°22′35″E / 40.3311°N 44.3764°E / 40.3311; 44.3764Coordinates: 40°19′52″N 44°22′35″E / 40.3311°N 44.3764°E / 40.3311; 44.3764
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Architectural description
Architectural type Triple-nave Basilica; Rectangular plan outside
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 1691-1693
Dome(s) 0 domes; 1 cupola centered above the basilica; 1 belfry in front

The church of Surp Astvatsatsin (Armenian: Սուրբ Աստվածածին; meaning "Holy Mother of God") is located just off the main highway through the village of Karbi in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. The basilica was completed between the years of 1691-1693, while the belfry was built in 1338.


S. Astvatsatsin Basilica[edit]

S. Astvatsatsin is a triple-nave basilica, with a single gable roof over the entire body of the structure and a small cupola centered above.


A large two-storey belfry it situated in front of the eastern end of the church. The belfry is separate from the basilica and has a large archway that leads through the base which serves as the support for the upper cupola.




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