Suresh Peters

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Suresh Peters
Background information
Birth name Suresh Peters
Origin India
Occupation(s) Composer, singer
Instruments Keyboard, drums, piano, harmonium
Years active 1990–present

Suresh Peters is a music director and playback rapper/singer for films in India whose notable songs include "Chikku Bukku Rayile" from Gentleman and "Style" from the film Sivaji: The Boss. Peters received his first break as a music director through the Malayalam movie Punjabi House in which he composed both melodies and folk songs. He also has four Tamil albums to his credit — Minnal, Oviyum, Kaathiruppaen and Engiruntho.[1]

Suresh Peters is the childhood friend of A R Rahman and Shivamani. They together started a band called Nemesis Avenue. Later when A R Rahman stepped into the film world Suresh Peters sang a lot of songs for his film including "chikku bukku", "Urvasi", "Peterap", "chandralekha etc". He later introduced an album called "Minnal" which became a huge hit. Malayam Movie Directors Rafi Meccartin called him to do Malayalam Movie Punjabi House after hearing this Album. Later he gave music to a lot of Malayalam films and most of them went to become a huge hit.


As a singer[edit]

As a composer[edit]


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