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The surespot messenger is an open source instant messaging app for smartphones. It is available for iOS and Android. With this app one can send short messages in a chat-style, similar to SMS messaging. It uses IP networks only, so it can not fall back to the SMS service of a telecom provider, when there is no internet network available. It is one of the modern messaging apps that has a focus on privacy and security. For secure communication it uses end-to-end encryption by default. The app does not depend on addressbook harvesting, often used on other messaging apps or services. It does depend on a nickname that can be chosen by the user, and a password. It means it will be less easy to grow a considerable installed base, but it stores less data of users which is favorable from a privacy point of view. Because the username/nickname and password are not stored on a server, it is not possible to recover those, when the password is forgotten by the user. But it is possible to store a users identity on Google drive or on the local storage memory.

Other features[edit]

  • Deletion of messages from the receiving device.
  • Offline backup via iTunes (PC or Mac) on the iOS version, or to local device storage on the Android version.
  • One can use multiple identities, for instance for private or business use.
  • Supports sending of pictures.
  • Supports sending of audio messages (after an in-app purchase).
  • Supports Emoji icons.
  • Supports blocking of users.

So far there is no support for group messages and sending other files than photos.


Surespot uses 256 bit AES-GCM encryption using keys created with 521 bit ECDH. It is a Public-key cryptography system with public and private keys in order to obtain a shared secret. The shared secret is used to exchange information securely.

Business model[edit]

The app is free to install and use. Via in-app purchases one can add functionality, such as a voice-message feature. Apart from earning money via in-app purchases, surespot is donationware. Donations can be done via Bitcoins, creditcards or PayPal.

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