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Surhuri (Chuvash: Сурхури) is the true Chuvash national heathenish holiday.

Surhuri celebrated in the middle of winter. The word Surhuri (Upper Chuvash people pronounce it as "Sorhori" ) means "a sheep leg".

In Ulhash Chuvash pagans celebrate Surhuri in January 6. According to V.K. Magnitskiy, earlier Chuvash people celebrated it at the end of December, on the third Friday after Nikola Day (December 6 ). Approximately it coincides with Russian Christmas. Today Christmas is called Surhuri. South Chuvash people still differentiate Russian Christmas and Surhuri. The last one is celebrated according to the ancient custom. Chuvash people celebrate thanksgiving holiday with regular sacrifices and prayers corresponding to them. And this holiday consists of continuous festivities, pranks and jokes.Cheremis people know this holiday as "a sheep leg" (shorok yol), so as Chuvashs. So as North Chuvashs Cheremis people celebrate it on Friday before or after Russian Christmas.

According to the description of V.K. Magnitskiy, earlier boys and girls came in the houses and gathered groats and bins, saying the words:

Me-e-e, let sheep have lambs,
Let girls remain virgins,
Let women give birth to babies.


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