Susan E. Wagner High School

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Susan E. Wagner High School
1200 Manor Rd.
Staten Island, NY

United States
Coordinates 40°35′50″N 74°07′31″W / 40.59722°N 74.12528°W / 40.59722; -74.12528Coordinates: 40°35′50″N 74°07′31″W / 40.59722°N 74.12528°W / 40.59722; -74.12528
Type Public
Established 1968
School district New York City Department of Education
Principal Gary M. Giordano
Faculty 142
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 3,519
Color(s) White and navy blue         
Mascot Falcon
Information (718) 698-4200

Susan E. Wagner High School is a New York City public school located at 1200 Manor Road in Staten Island, New York. The school is owned and run by the New York City Department of Education. On average, the school has about 3,000 students. Wagner's school colors are Navy and White, with the Falcon as the mascot. Wagner has a variety of programs including, but not limited to, The Law And Politics program, The Hospitality and Tourism program, the Scholars Academy, Air Force JROTC, Honors academy, many clubs and teams, a wide range of band and art programs, and annual Sing productions. The school has the largest marching band in New York City, with over 150 members strong. Their Performing and Visual Arts program has been rapidly expanding, with a winter and spring musical every year. This year's musical was Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which made its debut between March 22 and March 31. The musical is scheduled to debut at the St. George Theater on Staten Island on the weekend of April 28 and 29.

Student Organization[edit]

The Student Organization puts together and runs most of the events that take place at Susan Wagner High School, such as the dances and the International Festival. In the past few years the S.O. has had well over 150 events each year and over 200 clubs and teams.

Scholars Academy[edit]

The Scholars Academy at Wagner is a well known and prestigious program. There are many advantages to being in this group of students. All "scholar" classes are weighted by 1.05, meaning that the average of the class is multiplied by 1.05. The weighted average of the class is the grade that is used in the configuration of the final average. To become a scholar, you must have above a ninety average in at least three classes. To remain in the program you must maintain above an 80 average in at least three scholars classes. An overall average below eighty five will result in scholars probation and eventually removal from the program.

Law & Politics Academy[edit]

The Law & Politics Academy allows its members to participate in law-related classes. These two academies are very competitive. Seats are very limited. An overall average below eighty five will result in scholars probation and eventually removal from the program.

Performing and Visual Arts[edit]

The school is well known in New York City for their Performing Arts department. The school's performing arts is led by Assistant Principal Paul Corn, and their visual arts is led by director Diane Zerega. The school has 3 concert bands: Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Intermediate Band, as well as a Marching and Jazz Band. It also has a guitar ensemble as well as keyboard classes. The bands perform throughout the city, as well as annual trips to compete in locations such as Florida, Washington D.C., and Boston. The school was awarded a $200,000 from Borough President James Molinaro to retrofit their auditorium after their production of Les Miserables in Spring 2011. The retrofit was complete in time for their Spring Musical of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in 2012. The theatre program has also been invited to the historic St. George Theater to perform Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd.

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In The Heights (Spring 2013) Brighton Beach Memoirs (Fall 2012) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Spring 2012) Annie (Winter 2011) Frankenstien (Fall 2011) Les Miserables (Spring 2011) 42nd Street (Spring 2010) West Side Story (Spring 2009) Grease (Winter 2008)


"SING" is a student-run production that includes a script/acting, dancing, art, a chorus, and a band. Students are judged on areas including originality, singing, art, acting, band, script, and dancing. There are three groups : Sophmen (freshmen and sophomores together), Juniors, and Seniors. Today, the shows have about 275 to 300 students involved. Sing began at Wagner in 1974. The competition was founded at Midwood High School in Brooklyn around 1947. Senior Sing 2013 won the cup and the title of Sing 2013 Champions with their theme as "Mr. Lentil`s Carnival". In 2014, Senior Sing took the cup with their tale of Arabian Nights. It followed a story line that many students, seniors especially, find themselves living in real life. With songs like "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire, Senior Sing told the story of a young man on his way to college, but afraid to leave his familiar life at home. With the help of his friends, he restores life to those who have lost their way, allowing him to see that with friends, anything is possible.

Previous Winners of Susan E. Wagner's SING:

  • Senior SING 2006
  • Senior SING 2007
  • Junior SING 2008
  • Senior SING 2009
  • Senior SING 2010
  • Junior SING 2011
  • Senior SING 2012
  • Senior SING 2013
  • Senior SING 2014

"International Festival"[edit]

The "International Festival" is a student-run production which showcases an assortment of food and a three hour show presenting the diversity of the school through a collection of dances, fashion, songs, plays and exhibitions from all around the world. It began in early 2000, and continues to be one of the best known shows at Susan Wagner HS. Beginning in the library, the show now takes place in the auditorium, attracting hundreds of people both nights on Friday and Saturday, filling the school with audiences. The festival has grown tremendously throughout the years, as students partake in dances of other cultures as well as their own. Tickets cost $10, while an additional fee of $2 was implemented this year for food. In previous years, the show was held during March; this year, it was held on February 11 and 12. Performances that were held during International Festival 2011 (and are subject to change next year) include: Fashion Show, Dance Team, Soca Dance, Anime Club, Sri Lankan Dance, Russian Dance, Asian Hip Hop Dance, Indian Dance, Cheerleading Squad, Christian Club Dance, Celtic Club Dance, French Dance, Spanish Dance, Wagner Steppers, Twirlers, Filipino Club Dance, African Dance Club, Belly Dance, Albanian Club, Team Infusion,

At the end of the performance, all performers come together to sing We Are The World to portray the unity that is engendered by Susan E. Wagner's International Festival. However, this year, Wagner students sang We Are The World to open the show.

Notable alumni[edit]