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Susan Hogan is a Canadian actress.

Hogan is part of an acting family; husband Michael Hogan played Colonel Tigh on Battlestar Galactica, while son Gabriel Hogan has a number of television and film credits. Daughter Jennie Rebecca Hogan is also an actress.

Hogan has a substantial list of credits in television and film. Many of her appearances were in films, miniseries and series that were produced and aired on Canadian television. Among her best-known credits was the television show Night Heat. The show was produced and aired in Canada, but was also featured on CBS, making it one of the first Canadian-produced shows to be shown on American television. Hogan played Nickie Rimbaud from 1985 to 1989. More recently, she has been in a recurring role on the Showtime series The L Word, playing Dana's conservative mother Sharon. She also had a recurring role as Ellen Bazile, the paternal grandmother of Britt Robertson's character on the series Life Unexpected.

In 1994, she starred in Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story.

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