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Susan Ann Thompson
40th Mayor of Winnipeg
In office
Preceded by Bill Norrie
Succeeded by Glen Murray
Personal details
Born 1946/1947 (age 66–67)[1]

Susan Ann Thompson was the 40th mayor of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was the first female to serve as mayor of Winnipeg, serving two terms from 1992 to 1998.[2][3]

Thompson graduated with a BA from the University of Winnipeg in 1971. From 1980 to 1995 she owned Birt Saddlery, a business in downtown Winnipeg.

In 1999, Thompson became Canada's Consul General in Minneapolis, USA. In 2003, she became CEO of the University of Winnipeg Foundation.

In 2014, Thompson made local headlines after a 30 minute speech she gave to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. In it she outlined her ideas for the city's future which included a laser pyramid and hot tubs at Portage and Main.[4]


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