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Susan Wayland
Susan Wayland CC image.jpg
On location in Greece
Born (1980-06-23) June 23, 1980 (age 34)
Germany Leipzig, Germany
Other names Sway
Ethnicity Caucasian

Susan Wayland (born June 23, 1980 in Leipzig, Germany) is a German fashion model who features in photography, especially in the area of latex fetishism. She has appeared in numerous international men's magazines, commercial advertising, award-winning music video,[1] and film.[2] She is considered one of the top models in the latex sector.[3]


As a teenager, Wayland (nicknamed "Sway") was interested in playing different characters and was involved in various theatre projects and dance groups. In 1999, she began collegiate study in Braunschweig and met glamour and fashion photographer Norman Richter. Richter and Sway developed a mutual interest in creating interesting and artistic visions and discovered latex as a clothing material. Working together, they developed this new hobby. Hobby soon turned to passion and in Sway's own words, "It was such a new, interesting and exciting feeling to model in latex and it takes no long time and I was totally addicted to that beautiful material which became an important part in my life".[4]


Richter and Sway's work soon gained notice from prominent fetish and latex publications and sites. Soon Sway was gaining more exposure, experience, and was more actively modeling and performing. Sway soon was working with notable fetish and alternative photographers such as Peter W. Czernich and latex/fetish designers and companies including Patrice Catanzaro, Westwardbound, and Marquis. Since 2006, Sway has been one of the models for the Danish supplier of latex wear, Latexa Fashion.


From 2004, Wayland's print career started to pick up, and Sway appeared on advertisements and flyers for Germany's biggest latex fetish events (for example, German Fetish Fair 2004 and multiple Lounge Bizarre flyers). Other credits include magazines, websites, calendars, and directories such as Full-size issue #3 (2005), Dark Spy issue #17 (2007), DDIMag issue #63 (2007), Fet-X issue #1 (2007), Gum issue #203, Marquis issue #37, Massad issue #227, Skin Two issue #52, Pirate issue #98, and the cover of FORUM (November 2009)[5] while all the time continuing work with Norman Richter on their personal website. Sway has since worked on various video and photographic projects with well-known models like Bianca Beauchamp, Emily Marilyn, and Ancilla Tilia.


Wayland also performed in the award-winning music video Wrong Love by Smatka Molot[6] The video won the 2006 Hollywood Award for the best music video[7] and the 2007 New York Independent Film Festival's best international music video.

Wayland has gone on to become one of Germany's best known fetish models and performers, and Richter's photographic work has gained recognition with numerous write-ups in fetish and industry publications.[8]

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