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Susanne Linke (born 19 June 1944) is a German dancer and freelance choreographer important in the development of Tanztheater in Germany and contemporary dance internationally.


Linke, who was born in Lüneburg, started dance at age 20. She took dance lessons in the Mary Wigman Studio in Berlin and then studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen with Pina Bausch and Reinhild Hoffmann (1967–1970). She danced at the Folkwang Dance Studio and the Rotterdam Dance Center from 1970 to 1973. She directed the Folkwang Dance Studio in the period 1975–1985.

She founded the Susanne Linke Company in the 1990s and directed the Bremer Tanztheater (1994–2000) and was artistic director of the Choreographisches Zentrum Zeche Zollverein (2000–2001).


Linke has choreographed since 1972, and her works include:

  • Danse funèbre (1975) the first major solo ballet
  • Puppe?
  • Trop Trad Die Nächste bitte (The Next please) (1978)
  • Im Bade wannen (In the Bath) and Wowerwiewas (1980)
  • Flut (Flood) and Frauenballett (Women's Ballet) (1981)
  • Es schwant (It continues) and Wir können nicht alle nur Schwäne sein (We can not all be just swans) (1982)
  • Bakchen von Euripides (Bacchae of Euripides).
  • Egmont, bitte (1986)
  • Humanos Affectos cycle of 1962 by Dore Hoyer (1987)
  • die Duos Affekte (1988)
  • Affekte/Gelb (1990)
  • In Ruhr-Ort (1991)
  • Steps – Reconstruction and Passing 2007

She has worked with:

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