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GNOME Sushi Image Preview.png
Sushi 0.4 previewing a PNG image in Nautilus on Fedora 17 Beta.
Developer(s) GNOME project
Development status Active
Platform GNOME

Sushi is a file previewer for the GNOME Desktop Environment, installed by default in GNOME Shell. It exists as a standalone package, integrated with Nautilus.

History and Functionality[edit]

Sushi was first introduced in GNOME Shell 3.2.[1] Its sole purpose is the ability to preview files in Nautilus,[2] which can be invoked by hitting the spacebar while selecting a file. Sushi's abilities extend from the GStreamer framework, enabling the playback of all content which GStreamer supports, by default and through plugins. In addition to media formats, Sushi supports the previewing of most plain-text documents, including scripts (with syntax highlighting), as well as HTML documents, PDF files, and SVG files.

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