Sushi Pack

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Sushi Pack
Sushipack logo.gif
Created by Nicholas Hollander
Tom Ruegger
Starring Andrew Francis
Chiara Zanni
Tara Strong
D.J Rick Adams
Scott McNeil
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Running time approx. 24 minutes per episode (split in two segments)
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
American Greetings
Distributor Cookie Jar Entertainment
Original channel CBS (KEWLopolis)
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereo
Original run November 3, 2007 – February 28, 2009
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Sushi Pack is an American animated television series produced by DIC Entertainment and American Greetings, that aired on the KEWLopolis block on CBS November 3, 2007[1][2] - September 12, 2009. It featured a team of anthropomorphic wasabi, salmon egg sushi, crab sushi, tuna sushi, and octopus sushi as they used their wits and their emotions to save the world and educate young children. The Sushi Pack team lives in a donut shop with their human friend, Ben. Despite the superhero element of the story, violence is used only as a last resort. The closing theme song of the show is a techno/rap/funk hybrid song written by Phofo, composer for the entire series. Sushi Pack was created by Studio Espinosa. Quests involve learning about the meaning of friendship, social skills, and teamwork.


Sushi Pack Members[edit]

Ikura Maki: Orange Salmon. He has the power to shoot sticky fish eggs from his hands. He is usually calm, but tends to feel an urge to compete with his teammates, which can cause competition. And, he sometimes looks out for Kani, hinting that he has a crush on her. Ikura also has a fear of bears, including gummy ones. He is voiced by Andrew Francis.

Kani Maki: Pink Crab. Her pigtails are tough crab claws, which she uses to give her foes a powerful pinch. In the episode "Pants on Fire", she develops a new power when she uses her crab claws. She can be grouchy and often claims others are "making me crabby". Ikura has a crush on her. She is voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Maguro Maki: Purple Esper Tuna. Possesses psychic powers, including levitation and telekinesis. She is 'in tune with her inner tuna'. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Tako Maki: Blue Octopus. He is the unofficial goodness and has six long tentacle arms, and a fake eye patch. Tako speaks in a British accent. He would rather use his powers of shooting multi-colored ink to be a world renowned painter than to fight evil. He is voiced by D.J Rick Adams.

Wasabi Pow: Green Wasabi. The smallest, speechless member of the Sushi Pack. A spicy ball of hot mustard, he speaks hot sauce and can only communicate with squeaky noises (his teammates have no trouble understanding him), and has the power to shoot fireballs at foes. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.

Legion of Low Tide[edit]

Titanium Chef: A mean catfish who not only orders the Legion of Low Tide to fight dirty and scheme evil plots, and also manages the sushi bar they live in. He is voiced by Adam Behr.

Toro: A very fat tuna who is not very smart. He is strong but gullible, and usually just follows along. He is voiced by Vincent Tong.

Unagi: This mutated electric eel packs a ton of voltage. He's a slimy savage with an eye for detail.

Mochi Macchiato: A frozen ball of rice coated ice cream who freezes her enemies in their tracks. She is candy coated, but cold as ice. She befriended Maguro at one time and later Kani.

Fugu: A blowfish who can puff himself up to many times his original size. He's dead set on doing no good, and has an eye with video functions. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.

Uni: An unstoppable sea urchin with a talent for scheming evil plots. He is one of the Sushi Pack's biggest threats. He has the ability to morph.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Ben: A close friend of the Sushi Pack and manages the donut shop where they live. He always gives them advice or suggestions.
  • Sir Darkly: The dark man of Wharf City.
  • Mayor Hack Martin: The mayor of Wharf City.
  • Jenny Flume: The chief of police. She usually has something she'd rather be doing.


  • Apex
  • Sir Darkly
  • Paradoxter
  • Oleander
  • Collector
  • Baron Von Loudly (Peter New)
  • Dr. Naught
  • General Anesthetic
  • Satel-Lightning (Michael Daingerield)


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