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Susie Cagle
Susie Cagle.jpg
Born Stamford, Connecticut
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist

Susie Cagle is a journalist and editorial cartoonist whose worked has appeared in The American Prospect, AlterNet, The Awl, GOOD, and others.[1]

Cagle is based in Oakland, California, and much of her work focuses on California-specific aspects of national news. For example, she has reported on the experience of living in California's "wildfire country" and the effect of climate change on drought cycles,[2] on Drug Enforcement Administration raids of California medical marijuana facilities,[3] on the emergence of "sharing economy" start-up companies as a form of "disaster capitalism,"[4][5][6] and on the Occupy Oakland portion of Occupy Wall Street.


Cagle is the daughter of editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle.[7]


She is a graduate of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.[8]


She was a cartoonist at the San Francisco Appeal from 2010 to 2011, and later worked as a staff writer and illustrator at Grist.[9]

Occupy Oakland Coverage[edit]

Despite holding a press pass while covering Occupy Oakland, Cagle was arrested on two separate occasions—making her the first professional journalist to be arrested more than once while covering Occupy-related events.[10] After her first arrest, the Society of Professional Journalists sent a letter to the Oakland Police Department condemning the action.[11]

Her second arrest occurred during a kettle at an Occupy Oakland event.[12] At the time, she carried an active press credential from the Freelancers' Guild and a recently expired press credential issued by the Oakland Police Department.[10]


Cagle's work has been the subject of a solo show at San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum,[8] and she was selected by the International Women's Media Foundation for a 2013 Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital News Frontier grant.[13]


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