Sustentaculum tali

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Talar shelf
Left calcaneus, medial surface. (Sustentaculum tali labeled at center top.)
Bones of the right foot. Dorsal surface.
Latin Sustentaculum tali
Gray's p.266
TA A02.5.11.006
FMA FMA:33641
Anatomical terms of bone

At the upper and forepart of the medial surface of the calcaneus there is a horizontal eminence, the sustentaculum tali (alternatively, the talar shelf), which gives attachment to the plantar calcaneo-navicular (spring) ligament, tibiocalcaneal ligament, and medial talocalcaneal ligament.

This eminence is concave above, and articulates with the middle calcaneal articular surface of the talus; below, it is grooved for the tendon of the Flexor hallucis longus; its anterior margin gives attachment to the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament, and its medial margin to a part of the deltoid ligament of the ankle-joint.


The sustentaculum is typically involved in subtalar or talocalcaneal tarsal coalition.

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