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Sutters hock farm 1.jpg
Local Yuba-Sutter residents restoring the Sutter Hock Farm facade in 1927
Location 5320 Garden Hwy, Yuba City, California
Coordinates 39°2′56″N 121°38′0″W / 39.04889°N 121.63333°W / 39.04889; -121.63333Coordinates: 39°2′56″N 121°38′0″W / 39.04889°N 121.63333°W / 39.04889; -121.63333
Founded 1841
Official name: Hock Farm (Site of)
Designated August 8, 1939
Reference No. 346

The Sutter Hock Farm is the first non-Indian settlement in Sutter County, USA established in 1841 by John Augustus Sutter. John Sutter's Hock Farm was the first large-scale agricultural settlement in Northern California, composed of grain, cattle, orchards and vineyards. Located on the Feather River, Hock Farm was intended by Sutter to be a retirement location where he would relocate his wife and children.[1] By 1864-65 Sutter could no longer maintain the farm as the California Gold Rush had depleted the area of manpower and Sutter could no longer hire workers. The Mansion located on Hock Farm was destroyed by a fire in 1865 also destroying all of Sutters personal records of his pioneer life. Sutter ultimately lost Hock Farm when the mortgages became too high.

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