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Landsat 7 image
Suvasvesi (kraatterit).png
with the impact structures in gray.
Location Northern Savonia
Coordinates 62°39′N 028°12′E / 62.650°N 28.200°E / 62.650; 28.200Coordinates: 62°39′N 028°12′E / 62.650°N 28.200°E / 62.650; 28.200
Type impact craters
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 233.58 km2 (90.19 sq mi)[1]
Max. depth 89.0 m (292 ft)[2]
Surface elevation 81.7 m (268 ft)[1]
Islands 688[3]
References [1][2][3]

Suvasvesi is a lake in Eastern Finland near the town of Kuopio. Suvasvesi consists of two circular open lakes, Kuukkarinselkä in north and Haapaselkä in south. The lakes are separated by a group of islands. The lake has 688 islands in total. The area of the lake is 234 square kilometres (90 sq mi) making it the 18th largest lake in Finland. Kuukkarinselkä is the third deepest lake in Finland measuring 89.0 metres (292.0 ft) in the deepest point.

In 2001 shatter cones were found in Kuukkarinselkä making it the 6th known impact crater in Finland. The crater, usually referred as Suvasvesi North crater, is located in the center of Kuukkarinselkä and measures about 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) in diameter. Its age is still poorly known (but estimated to be 780 Ma or 240 Ma by paleomagnetic dating).[4]

Haapaselkä resembles the northern counterpart and it was also suspected to be an impact crater. Haapaselkä crater is usually referred as Suvasvesi South crater.[1][2] It is similar in size, and the age of the crater is older than 700 Ma (probably about 710–720 Ma) based on argon-argon dating of impact melt rocks found near the southeastern shore of Lake Haapaselkä.[5] It may be related to the Suvasvesi North making the Suvasvesi structure a very rare double impact crater.


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