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Suver is an unincorporated community in Polk County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is located about 10 miles north of Corvallis and about 8 miles south of Monmouth, 1 mile east of Oregon Route 99W.[2]


Joseph Wellington Suver settled on a donation land claim near Suver in 1845.[3] Suver, born in 1814, was from Virginia.[4] When the Oregon & California Railroad was being built through the area in 1880, Joseph Suver bought the present-day site of Suver from his father-in-law, George W. Pyburn.[5] The town of Suver was platted in 1881.[5] The railroad station on what became the Southern Pacific Railroad line through the community was named Suvers.[3] Another name for the railroad station was Soap Creek.[1][3] Suver post office was established in 1881 with Sam Cohen as the first postmaster; it ran until 1935.[3][5] Suver grew to include a store, a sawmill, two warehouses, a grain elevator, a dance hall, a train depot, a blacksmith shop, a shoe repair shop, and several residences by the mid-1890s.[5] Suver school was built in 1895.[5] As of 1915, Suver had a church and its population was 25.[6]

The community served as a rural shipping facility and community center for the surrounding area until the mid-1920s, when the completion of Oregon Route 99W caused the decline of shipping by rail and thus the decline of the town.[5] The warehouses, school, and several homes remained for years after the town's heyday.[5] Suver became known as "Old Suver", which may be confused with "New Suver" or Suver Junction, a locale where Suver Road forms a crossroads with Oregon Route 99W a mile west of Suver.[5][7] The store building currently located at Suver Junction was moved from Suver in 1935.[8] The store was built in 1905 and owned by Fred Strum.[5] As of 1990, Suver was the site of a grain elevator and a rural volunteer fire station;[6] the grain elevator remains today, and the fire station has closed.

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