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Suwon Bluewings
수원 블루윙즈
Full name Suwon Samsung Bluewings Football Club
수원 삼성 블루윙즈 축구단
Nickname(s) Blue Wing
Blue-White-Red Army
Short name SBW
Founded 1995; 19 years ago (1995)
Ground Suwon World Cup Stadium
Ground Capacity 43,959
Owner Cheil Worldwide
(Samsung's subsidiary)
Chairman Park Chan-Hyoung
Manager Lee Seok-Myung
Coach Seo Jung-Won
League K League Classic
2013 Season 5th
Website Club home page
Current season
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Suwon Samsung Bluewings
Hanja 블루윙즈
Revised Romanization Suwon Samseong Beulluwingjeu
McCune–Reischauer Suwǒn Samsǒng Bǔlluwingjǔ

Suwon Samsung Bluewings (Korean: 수원 삼성 블루윙즈) is a South Korean football club based in the city of Suwon, South Korea, that plays in the K League Classic. Founded in December 1995, they have become one of Asian football's most famous clubs with a host of domestic and continental honours. Suwon have won the championship on four occasions, in 1998, 1999, 2004 and 2008.

Asia's Player of the Century Cha Bum-Kun was the manager of the club from 2004 to 2010, when he replaced former national team manager Kim Ho who had been the club's first manager.


The club was officially founded in December 1995, by the Samsung Group, to be the ninth member of the K-League from the 1996 season. It was also the first club to be founded in one specific city, a plan which led to the K-League initiating plans to encourage the other member clubs to forge similar links with local communities.

Former South Korean national team manager Kim Ho took charge of the side from their first season in the K-League, and the team finished runners-up in the championship play-off that season. The championship was secured in 1998 and retained in 1999 as Suwon started to dominate Korean football.

Suwon lifted the Asian Club Championship (the predecessor to the AFC Champions League) twice in succession in 2001 and 2002, and also added the Asian Super Cup to their roll of honors on two occasions.

The departure of Kim Ho in 2003 saw Korean football legend Cha Bum-Kun appointed manager ahead of the 2004 season, and the club won its third league title in his debut season as manager.

Suwon finished runners-up in both major domestic competitions in 2006, as Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma claimed victory in the K-League championship playoff final and Chunnam Dragons won in the FA Cup final, thwarting Suwon's attempts to win the first ever domestic double in Korean football.

The 2008 season became one of the most successful seasons in the clubs history. Suwon achieved a domestic "double" by winning the K-League Championship and the League Cup.


K-League 2008 Season Champions.



Winners (4): 1998, 1999, 2004, 2008
Runners-up (2): 1996, 2006


Winners (3): 2002, 2009, 2010
Runners-up (3): 1996, 2006, 2011
Winners (6): 19991, 19993, 20001, 20011, 20052, 20082
Winners (3): 1999, 2000, 2005



Winners (2): 2001, 2002
Runners-up (1): 1998
Winners (2): 2001, 2002


Winners (1): 2005


Winners (1): 2009


1 Known as sponsorship name Adidas Cup.
2 Known as sponsorship name Samsung Hauzen Cup.
3 Known as Daehanhwajae Cup, a supplementary League Cup that ran from 1997-2000 under various sponsors.


Season records[edit]

Season Teams League Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts League Cup FA Cup Super Cup AFC FIFA Manager
1996 9 Runners-up 32 18 9 5 57 33 +24 63 6th(A) Runners-up South Korea Kim Ho
1997 10 5th 18 7 7 4 23 23 0 28 6th(A)
Quarter-finals Runners-up(CW) South Korea Kim Ho
1998 10 Champions 20 13 1 6 34 22 +12 35 6th(A)
Quarter-finals South Korea Kim Ho
1999 10 Champions 29 23 0 6 60 26 +34 64 Champions(A)
1st round Winners 4th(CC) South Korea Kim Ho
2000 10 5th 27 14 0 13 48 43 +5 36 Champions(A)
Quarter-finals Winners South Korea Kim Ho
2001 10 3rd 27 12 5 10 40 35 +5 41 Champions(A) 1st round Champions(CC)
South Korea Kim Ho
2002 10 3rd 27 12 9 6 40 26 +14 45 4th(A) Champions Champions(CC)
South Korea Kim Ho
2003 12 3rd 44 19 15 10 59 46 +13 72 No competition Round of 32 No Competition South Korea Kim Ho
2004 13 Champions 27 14 6 7 32 24 +8 46 4th(S) Round of 16 South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2005 13 10th 24 6 10 8 29 32 -3 28 Champions(S) Round of 16 Winners Champions(A3)
Group E 2nd(CL)
South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2006 14 Runners-up 29 12 10 7 31 25 +6 46 12th(S) Runners-up South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2007 14 3rd 27 15 6 6 36 25 +11 51 Semi-finals(S) Round of 16 Competition Ceased South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2008 14 Champions 28 18 4 6 49 26 +23 58 Champions(S) Round of 16 South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2009 15 10th 28 8 8 12 29 32 -3 32 Quarter-finals(PK) Champions Round of 16(CL) Champions(PP) South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
2010 15 7th 28 12 5 11 39 44 -5 41 Semi-finals(PC) Champions Quarter-finals(CL) Losers(ST) South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyo
2011 16 4th 30 17 4 9 51 33 +18 55 Semi-finals(RC) Runners-up Semi-finals(CL) South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyo
2012 16 4th 44 20 13 11 61 51 +10 73 Competition Ceased Quarter-finals South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyo
2013 14 5th 38 15 8 15 50 43 +7 53 Round of 16 Group H 4th(CL) South Korea Seo Jung-Won

Current squad[edit]

As of 25 July 2014

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 South Korea GK Jung Sung-Ryong
2 South Korea DF Choi Jae-Soo
5 South Korea DF Cho Sung-Jin
6 South Korea MF Kim Eun-Sun
8 South Korea MF Kim Do-Heon
9 South Korea MF Oh Jang-Eun
10 Brazil FW Santos
11 Brazil FW Roger
12 South Korea MF Ko Cha-Won
13 South Korea MF Seo Jung-Jin
14 North Korea FW Jong Tae-Se
15 South Korea DF Koo Ja-Ryong
16 South Korea MF Cho Ji-Hun
17 South Korea DF Hong Chul
19 South Korea FW Bae Ki-Jong (loan from Jeju)
No. Position Player
21 South Korea GK No Dong-Geon
22 South Korea MF Kwon Chang-Hoon
23 South Korea MF Hong Soon-Hak
24 South Korea MF Ko Min-Sung
25 South Korea DF Cho Won-Deuk
26 South Korea MF Yeom Ki-Hun (captain)
27 South Korea MF Lee Jong-Sung
30 South Korea MF Shin Se-Gye
31 South Korea GK Yang Hyung-Mo
33 South Korea MF Lee Woo-Seok
34 South Korea DF Yeon Je-Min
36 South Korea MF Kim Dae-Kyung
39 South Korea DF Min Sang-Gi
41 South Korea GK Lee Sang-Wook
45 Brazil DF Reiner Ferreira

Out on loan & military service[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
South Korea DF Yang Sang-Min (to South Korea Ansan Police for military service)
South Korea DF Oh Beom-Seok (to South Korea Ansan Police for military service)
South Korea DF Cho Cheol-In (to South Korea FC Anyang)
South Korea DF Kwak Kwang-Seon (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)
South Korea MF Park Yong-Joon (to South Korea Bucheon FC 1995)
South Korea MF Park Tae-Woong (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)
South Korea MF Lee Sang-ho (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)
No. Position Player
South Korea MF Park Hyun-Beom (to South Korea Ansan Police for military service)
South Korea MF Lee Yong-Rae (to South Korea Ansan Police for military service)
South Korea MF Baek Ji-Hoon (to South Korea Ulsan Hyundai)
South Korea MF Lee Hyun-woong (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)
South Korea FW Park Jong-Jin (to South Korea Ansan Police for military service)
South Korea FW Ha Tae-Goon (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)
South Korea FW Cho Dong-Geon (to South Korea Sangju Sangmu for military service)


Suwon's mascot, Aguileon
Dates Captains Vice-Captains
1996 South Korea Kim Doo-Ham South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyo
1997 South Korea Shin Sung-Hwan
1998 South Korea Jung Sung-Hoon
1999-00 South Korea Shin Hong-Ki
2001 South Korea Park Kun-Ha
2002 South Korea Seo Jung-Won
2003 South Korea Kim Jin-woo South Korea Lee Woon-Jae
2004 South Korea Lee Byung-Keun South Korea Kim Young-Sun
2005 South Korea Choi Sung-Yong South Korea Kim Dae-Eui
2006 South Korea Kim Nam-Il South Korea Cho Jae-Min
2007 South Korea Lee Kwan-Woo South Korea Lee Jung-Soo
2008 South Korea Song Chong-Gug South Korea Kwak Hee-Ju
2009 South Korea Kwak Hee-Ju South Korea Hong Soon-Hak
2010 South Korea Cho Won-Hee South Korea Kim Dae-Eui
2011 South Korea Choi Sung-Kuk South Korea Yeom Ki-Hun
2012 South Korea Kwak Hee-Ju South Korea Oh Beom-Seok
2013 South Korea Kim Do-Heon South Korea Oh Jang-Eun
2014 South Korea Yeom Ki-Hun South Korea Oh Jang-Eun

Famous players[edit]


As of end of 2012 season Only K-League matches are counted.

# Name From To Season Record
South Korea Kim Ho 1995/02/22 2003/10/??
312 153 77 82 491 359
South Korea Cha Bum-Kun 2003/10/17 2010/06/06
241 102 69 70 ? ?
South Korea Yoon Sung-Hyo 2010/06/17 2012/12/12
97 48 24 25 ? ?
South Korea Seo Jung-Won 2012/12/12 present
3 2 1 0 0 0

P = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; GF = Goals for; GA = Goals against

Backroom Staff[edit]

Coaching Staff

Medical Staff

  • Club Doctor: South Korea Park Seung-Myoun
  • Assistant Club Doctor: South Korea Lee Hyun-Joo
  • Assistant Club Doctor: South Korea Yoo Hwan-Mo

Executive Office

  • Club Chairman: South Korea Park Chan-Hyoung (President of Suwon Samsung Bluewings)
  • Managing Director: South Korea Lee Seok-Myung
  • General Secretary (Public Relations & Marketing) :
  • Senior Manager (Public Relations & Marketing): South Korea Hong Chang-Young (Community Business)
  • Manager (Public Relations & Marketing): South Korea Baek Jeong-Heum (Marketing Manager)
  • Manager (Public Relations & Marketing): South Korea Joo Hyung-Sup (Matchday Hospitality)
  • Assistant Manager (Public Relations & Marketing): South Korea Lee Eun-Ho (Public Relations & New Media, Supporters Club Management)
  • Senior Manager (Team Management): South Korea Lee Ho-Seung (Head of Team Management)
  • Manager (Team Management): South Korea Kim Yong-Gun (Director of Football Training Facilities)
  • Assistant Manager (Team Management): South Korea Kim Jin-Hoon (Team Management)
  • Assistant Manager (Team Management): South Korea Yang Dae-Hyun (Team Management)
  • Senior Manager (Finance): South Korea Kim Sang-Gil (Head of Finance)
  • Manager (Finance): South Korea Lee Seuk-Han (Finance)
  • Officer (Supporting Team): South Korea Choi Ji-Suk (General Affairs, Accounting)


Supporters Club[edit]

Main article: Frente Tricolor

Club Records[edit]


Colours and crest[edit]


The current crest has been used since 2008. The castle in the middle of the crest is the Hwaseong Fortress, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The club's main colour, blue, is the colour of Samsung, the club's owner, and also represents "clear blue sky, hope, dream, vision, and the future".


Shirt sponsors and manufacturers[edit]

Year Kit Supplier Sponsor Shirt Printing Notes
1996 South Korea Rapido South Korea Samsung Electronics BlueWings Team name
1997 名品+1 Television brand
1999 Anycall Mobile Phone brand
2001 SensQ
Laptop brand
Air Conditioner brand
2002 Germany Adidas Hauzen Electronics brand
2004 PAVV Television brand
2009 Samsung PAVV
2011 Samsung SMART TV
2014 Samsung UHD Curved

Kit history[edit]

Germany Adidas (2002–present)
Football kit
2005–06 Home (10th Anniver.)
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
2012 Home (Blue Fever)
Football kit
Football kit
2013–14 Home (Silver Arrow)
Football kit
2014–15 Away (Tricolor)

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