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Suzana Stojanović Suza (born 1969) is a contemporary Serbian Hyperrealist painter. She was born in Vranje, a small town in southern Serbia. Her first artistic phase began in 1988. During this period her paintings and other works were seen in various artistic exhibitions. She also participated in artists' gatherings known in the Balkans as "artistic colonies." Her works have won numerous awards and public recognition in the area of photorealistic painting.

In 1990, Suzana moved to Niš, the largest city in southern Serbia. She studied violin and literature, although painting remained the focus of her work. Her artistic comeback was introduced by The Magical World of Horses series in 2001. This series, among other works, was presented in several exhibitions throughout Serbia among which the largest was in Belgrade (September 2002, Geca Kon Gallery).

Her focal point is in the equine arena, where her drawings, pastels and oil paintings emphasize extreme detail and lighting effects. Suzana's works have been exhibited in Serbia, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

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