Suzanne Arruda

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Suzanne Arruda
Born Indiana, USA
Nationality American
Genre Mystery
Notable works Mark of the Lion

Suzanne Aruda is the author of the Jade del Cameron mystery series, which follows the protagonist through her adventures on Safari in Africa.


She has also written some children's and young adult titles as well as writing for newspapers and magazines. Currently a part-time instructor at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas.


Jade del Cameron Mystery from Penguin Books

Children and Young Adult Titles

  • A Stocking for Jesus, Pauline Books and Media, (2005) ISBN 0-8198-7076-5
  • The Girl He Left Behind, Avisson Press, (2004) ISBN 1-888105-67-4
  • Freedom's Martyr, Avisson Press, (2003) ISBN 1-888105-55-0
  • From Kansas to Cannibals, Avisson Press, (2001) ISBN 1-888105-50-X
  • A Field Guide to the Metric System [or] How to Survive in the Wilderness of Numbers, PITSCO/Lego-Dacta, (1994)

Newspaper and Magazines

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