Suzanne Corkin

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Suzanne Corkin
Born Suzanne Corkin
May 18, 1937
Hartford, Connecticut
Nationality United States

B.A., Smith College (1959)

M.Sc., McGill University (1961)

PhD, McGill University (1964)
Occupation University Professor

Suzanne Corkin (born May 18, 1937) is a Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Emerita, in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, and is head of the Corkin Lab.

Her research has focused on the study of patients with neurological disease, with the goal of linking specific cognitive processes, particularly memory, to discrete brain circuits.

Corkin is best known for her investigation of the famous amnesic patient, H.M., whom she met in 1962 and studied until his death in 2008.[1] She discusses the story of H.M. in her book Permanent Present Tense, published in May 2013.


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