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Suzanne Fisher Staples is an American writer of children's books. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she grew up in a small community around Northeastern Pennsylvania. She had three siblings, a sister and two brothers. Suzanne went to Lakeland High School in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. Later, she graduated from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She was at one time employed as a news reporter and editor for the United Press International. She worked in many places across the US and Asia, including Pakistan.


  • 1993, Haveli - A sequel to Shabanu, the girl's struggle continues as she must cope with the jealousy and spite of her husband's other wives.
  • 1996, Dangerous Skies - Two children struggle to hold their friendship together.
  • 2000, Shiva's Fire - A girl in India learns to use her magic wisely.
  • 2003, The Green Dog - A warm story about the author's childhood.
  • 2005, Under the Persimmon Tree - An Afghan refugee and an American teacher are brought together.
  • 2008, The House of Djinn - the threequel to Shabanu and Haveli, taking place ten years after the events in Haveli.

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