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Swapna is both a female name or a Hindu philosophy and discipline of dream, dreamwork and dreaming. Swapna in Hindu philosophy, a state of consciousness when a person (or being) is dreaming in sleep. At this state, he, she or it cannot perceive the external universe with the senses. It enjoys another universe that could have everything that the physical universe contains and more. This universe is created by the being by withdrawing from the physical universe and 'emanating' (Sanskrit: nirmana) in this self-created universe. This universe disappears on waking up to Jagra or slipping on to susupti. This universe is as real to the person who created it (i.e.,'dreamer'- the one who dreams) as the physical universe is real to the person awake. The dreamer can feel every sense that he can feel in the physical universe, with the same intensity. In terms of psychology, this is the state of consciousness in REM sleep.

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