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Sverre Steen (1 August 1898 – 23 June 1983) was a Norwegian historian, a professor at the University of Oslo, and known to the public through his radio series Langsomt ble landet vårt eget.[1] He wrote four volumes of Det norske folks liv og historie (1930-1935), was main editor for the three volume work on Norway's role during World War II, Norges krig 1940–45 (1947-1950), and wrote a five volumes work on the period from 1814 to 1836, Det frie Norge (1951-1962).[2]

From 1936 to 1947 he chaired the Norwegian Historical Association.[3] He was decorated Commander of the Order of St. Olav in 1965.[2]

During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany he was imprisoned in Bredtveit concentration camp from 15 October 1943, then in Berg concentration camp from 22 to 25 November 1943.[4]


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