Svetozar Miletić (Sombor)

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Svetozar Miletić
Светозар Милетић
The Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.
The Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.
Svetozar Miletić is located in Serbia
Svetozar Miletić
Svetozar Miletić
Coordinates: 45°51′01″N 19°12′24″E / 45.85028°N 19.20667°E / 45.85028; 19.20667
Country  Serbia
Province  Vojvodina
Municipality Sombor
Population (2002)
 • Total 3,169
Postal code 25211
Area code +381 25
Svetozar Miletić
of Sombor

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Svetozar Miletić (Serbian: Светозар Милетић or Svetozar Miletić, Hungarian: Nemesmilitics, Croatian: Lemeš / Svetozar Miletić, Bunjevac: Svetozar Miletić or Lemeš, German: Milititsch) is a village in Bačka region in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. It is situated in the Sombor municipality, in the West Bačka District. The village is ethnically mixed and its population numbering 3,169 people (2002 census).


The village was named after Svetozar Miletić, a political leader of Serbs in Vojvodina from second half of 19th century.

In Serbian, the village is known as Svetozar Miletić (Светозар Милетић), in Croatian as Lemeš (since 2009) or Svetozar Miletić (before 2009), in Bunjevac as Svetozar Miletić or Lemeš, in German as Milititsch, and in Hungarian as Nemesmillitics. Before 1925, in Serbian, Croatian and Bunjevac the name Lemeš (Лемеш) was used for the village.

The origin of the village name in Hungarian comes from the Hungarian word nemes (a noble), while for the word militics it is believed that it comes from Latin militis (a soldier). Local Bunjevci people have shortened and transformed the name Nemesmilitics into Lemeš. During the administration of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes the village name was changed into Svetozar Miletić (in 1925).


According to the 2002 census, ethnic groups in the village included:

(*) Total number of South Slavs (Croats, Serbs, Bunjevci, Yugoslavs) that live in the village is 1,496 (47.21%).

Historical population[edit]

  • 1961: 3,990
  • 1971: 3,860
  • 1981: 3,685
  • 1991: 3,292
  • 2002: 3,169
  • 2011: 2,738

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  • Antonija Čota: "Lemeš - u osimu plemenitog ravničarskog drača"

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