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Entering Svijany

Svijany is a village in Liberec District, Czech Republic. It has a population of 307 (2006). Svijany Brewery is based in the village.


Earliest records of Svijany are from 1345. The village was owned by a Cistercian monastery in Mnichovo Hradiste. In 1565, the village came under the control of Jaroslav z Vartemberka, who built the Renaissance castle.[1]

Svijany Brewery[edit]

Svijany brewery

Svijany Brewery was founded in 1564. It produces a range of pale lagers from Svijany Fitness 6° (3.2% abv), to Svijany Baron 15° (6.5% abv).[2] The brewery is owned by Liberec Investment Fund (LIF), who also own Náchod and Rohozec breweries[3]


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