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Swadesh Bharati (born 1941) is a Hindi poet,[1] recipient of “Premchand Award" and "Sahitya Bhushan Award". He lives in Kolkata from where he edits Rupambara, a literary bilingual quarterly journal. He has been in active field of creative writing since more than 45 years. He is chairman of Rashtriya Hindi Academy,[2] and was guest lecturer at Madaras Christian Academy.[3]

A short preview of his life[edit]

Born at Pratapgarh (U.P) on 12 December 1939 and educated at Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, Charuchandra College, of the University of Calcutta, Annamalai University, Chennai with MA in Public Administration. He received the highest literary Honours as Shaitya Mahamhopadhyay (D.Lit), from Hindi University, Allahabad, (Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag). He has started writing at the age of 12 years.

Sri Bharati's Poems are included in "Chautha Saptak" (The Four Raga), a historic Hindi Poetry Collection edited by "Ajneya", internationally acclaimed poet and Author.

His poems reveal the inner depth of mystic nature's enchanting beauty, the struggle and existence of mankind. The critics describe his Poetry as multi-dimensional, the expression of nature, and the modern life's decadence with new awareness and an expression of stream of new consciousness, freedom, peace, love and happiness for making a new generation of world. He has widely travelled in India and abroad, that is why his expressions have multi-dimensional shades and experiences.

He has to his credit 22 collections of Poems, 8 Novels & 45 Edited works, published 200 volumes of Rupambara- literary journal by remaining its editor for 40 years. He travelled in USA, Britain, France & other countries to participate in Poetry Symposia,[4] and meetings of board of directors of International Children’s Community Foundation.

Swadesh Bharati, has contributed a lot of his Poems, Short stories to Indian Languages especially to Bengali literature. Desh, Anandabazar Patrika, Krittibas, Kalikalam, Anuvad Patrika, and other literary Journals published his work. He was a member of Krittibas Gosthi with Shakti Chattopadhyay, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Malay Roy Chaudhury, Belal Chowdhury.

During the 1970s and 1980s, he edited the works of Jibanananda Das, the great Bengali poet −1970. He also edited Modern Indian Poetry in Telugu, Tamil and Marathi. He has translated Bengali Poetry and published Modern Indian Poetry – Bengali among whom include Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore (The Last Poems), Shakti Chattopadhyay (Aboni Badi Achho), Subhas Mukhopadhyay (Ulang Raja).


He received Premchand Award from U.P. Govt. In 1989 on his Novel 'Auratnama' (The women hood). He was conferred Sahitya Mahopadhyay (Doctor of Literature) by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, (Hindi University), Allahabad in 1993. He received Hindi Seva Samman (Award for continuous writing), by Mysore Hindi Parishad at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 29 October 1994. He was honoured with Sahitya Bhushan Award by U.P. Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, on 27 December 2001; he was honoured for remarkable achievements in Hindi literature & services to Hindi & other Indian Languages by National Institute of Teachers Technical Training & Research, Bhopal. The Government of India nominated him as a member of Kendriya Hindi Samiti, constituted under the chairmanship of Hon. Prime Minister, India. He was also facilitated by Kumbh at Bangalore by Mysore Hindi Prachar Parishad as a great Indian Author on 5 February 2005, by Governor of Karnataka, Minister of Labour, Govt. of India. He has been also nominated as member of the Ministry of Textile & Ministry of Power Hindi Salahkar Samiti Govt. of India.

Published works[edit]

  • Ikees Subhah Aur, – 21 Mornings more, Poetry Collection, Tr. & Pub. In Oriya, 1969
  • International Poetry Number; Vo., 1, Poetry Collection containing selected poetry of 16 major world languages, 1969
  • Indian Poetry Today, Rupambara Prakashan (Calcutta) Marathi (Poetry Collection), 1969
  • Indian Poetry Today, Telegu (Poetry Collection), 1970
  • Shav-Yatra (The Funeral Procession), Novel, 1970
  • Satven Dashak Ki Shreshtha Kahaniya (The Best Strories of 7th Decade in Hindi), Best selected Short Stories, 1970
  • Mahanagar (The Metropolis), Selected Short Stories, 1970
  • Indian Poetry Today, Bengali (Selected Bengali Poetry Collection), 1971
  • Indian Poetry Today, Oriya (Selected Oriya Poetry Collection), 1974
  • Awajon Ke Kathghare Mein (Amidst the stockade of sounds), (Poetry Collection), 1976
  • Tapis Mitati Nahin (Thirst Never quenches), (Poetry Collection), 1976
  • Poems included in Chautha Saptak (The fourth Raga) (Edited by Ajneya, the famous poet), (Poetry Collection), 1981
  • Man Chahta hai Apanapan, (Poetry Collection), 1981
  • Sampratik Hindi Sahitya-Rachana Aur Alochana (Creation & Criticism in contemporary Hindi Literature), (Literary Criticism), 1981
  • Hindi Ki Sarvashreshtha Kavitayen – The best Poems in Hindi (Edited by Bachchan, the famous Poet, father of super film star Amitabh Bachchan), (Poetry Collection), 1981
  • Doosra Vamachar – The second thinker, (Long Verse), 1983
  • Kathanagar – The story-city, (Short stories), 1984
  • Auratnama -The Womanhood (Premchand Award winning book) (Tr. in Oriya), (Novel), 1984
  • Saharyar (The city friend) (Tr. in English), (Novel), 1985
  • Bhare Hat Ke Beech – Amidst the crowded market (Poetry Collection), (Tr. & Pub. in Oriya), 1987
  • Samkaleen Hindi Kavitayen, (Contemporary Hindi Poetry Collection), 1984
  • Samakaleen Oriya Kaveitayen (Oriya Poetry Collection in Hindi) 1984, (Oriya Poetry Collection in Hindi), 1984
  • Jeebananda Das Ki Kavitayen, (The best Poems of Jeebananand Das in Hindi, Tr. from Bengali), 1984
  • Calcutta O' Calcutta (1st Vol.), (Long Poem on Calcutta), 1990
  • Yatna Shivir – (Based on Bangladesh Liberation Struggle) (Tr. in Bengali), The Concentration Camp (Novel) 1990
  • Trasadi Ke Dwar par, (At the Door Step of Decadence), (Poetry Collection), 1991
  • Sidhian Chandta Surya (Steping up sun), (Poetry Collection), 1994
  • Ghatana-Durghatna -(The Incident-Accidents) Novel, 1994
  • Surya Ka Ahat Manun (The Wounded Silence of the Sun), Poetry Collection, 1999
  • Anantah (The unending), Poetry Collection, 2001 ISBN 81-89438-15-0
  • Samay Ki Jarjar Nav Mein (In the broken boat at time), Poetry Collection, 2001
  • Nagar Bandhu (The City Friend), (Novel) ISBN 81894380204, 2001
  • Sagar Priya (The ocean beloved), (An Epic), 2005
  • Hindi Ki Vikash Yatra (Progress-Journey of Hindi), 2005
  • Shabdateet (Beyond words), Poetry Collection, 2005
  • Kolkata O' Kolkata (Vol I & II) Long Verse, 2005
  • Shikshan O' Prashikshan (4 Volumes), Related to Official Language implementation and Hindi Workshop Help Literature