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Warning signs for a camel are common in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and Swaihan
Arabian Camel is an icon for the town

Swaihan, also spelled Sweihan or Suwayḩān (Arabic: سويحان‎), is a town in the region of Al Ain, 70 km northwest of the city of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi emirate, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the places in the emirate noted for its surrounding farms.[1]

The village has the infrastructure for schools and a health center and the Department of the Municipality, electricity and telecommunications and a Bank, police station and fire defence and wedding hall, and there is the National Center for Research of the birds, the most important research centers of birds in the state.[2]


Coordinates: 24°27′44″N 55°20′13″E / 24.46222°N 55.33694°E / 24.46222; 55.33694