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Swaine Adeney Brigg Ltd is a leather luggage maker and umbrella maker and retailer. The main shop is at 7 Piccadilly Arcade, St James's, London SW1Y 6NH. Piccadilly Arcade runs between Jermyn Street and Piccadilly.


Swaine Adeney is the leather division, Brigg is for umbrellas. All of the leather goods and umbrellas are made in England by craftsmen and women. They leather goods which include attaches, holdalls, suitcases, folios, document cases, computer cases to name a few, are all hand-made in England using bridle leather and brass hardware. The umbrellas are also handmade in Britain in the Swaine Adeney Brigg workshops. The company was founded in 1750. The firm has held a Royal Warrant since 1893 for umbrellas, and for leather travel goods and business cases. The company was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment by H M Queen Elizabeth II in 1991 as her whip and glove maker, and from H R H Prince of Wales in the same year as his umbrella supplier.

In 1980 Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford visited Herbert Johnson looking for the ideal hat for their upcoming film Raiders of the Lost Ark. They chose a 'stable brown' felt hat called the Herbert Johnson 'Poet'. This iconic hat (which was very popular during the 1920s and 30s) was the hat which Harrison Ford wore in the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Since then Herbert Johnson have joined Swaine Adeney Brigg's store on St. James Street and are located on the ground floor. Just like the finest leather goods and umbrellas the store is famous for, the original Indiana Jones hat is now one of their most valued claims to quality, prestige and fame.

For the 2011 Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Swaine Adeney Brigg was responsible for supplying some of the whips for the royal and state chariots and carriages.


Umbrellas start around £200 and go up to over a thousand for the ones with silk canopies. Leather bags start around £785 and go to £2495 for the Gladstone Bag.

Most of their bridle leather goods are available in four colours, london tan, havana brown and black. The shop in Piccadilly Arcade has two floors and displays hundreds of suitcases and attache cases in a wide array of styles. The company makes a 'Papworth' range of leather goods which are well known and loved in the business community.

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