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Parthasarathy Avula
87 Pre eminent philosopher
Swami Parthasarathy
Born (1927-06-08) June 8, 1927 (age 87)
Chennai, India
Nationality Indian
Years active 1927–present
Spouse(s) Kausalya Parthasarathy (1936–present)
Children Sunanda Leelaram

Swami Parthasarathy, popularly known as Swamiji and as A. Parthasarathy (born ca. 1927) is a former business man[1] who became a corporate guru, propagating a modern interpretation of Vedanta.[2]


Parthasarathy comes from a distinguished business family.[2] At 86 years, Parthasarathy follows a daily schedule of yoga and jogging.[2]

Swamiji’s lifetime research has formulated Self-management courses for corporations worldwide.

In 1988 Parthasarathy founded the Vedanta Academy which runs continual three-year residential courses to disseminate Vedanta to students from India and abroad, regardless of race or religion. They are taught a range of texts on Vedanta philosophy which includes select works from English literature and poetry as well. The Academy’s educational system is focused on the development of the human intellect and not merely providing intelligence on a subject. The medium of instruction is English with a module in Sanskrit language. On completion graduates are awarded a diploma in Vedanta philosophy.[citation needed]


Parthasarathy has written ten books, including three best sellers. The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy was released in 2012 as a single book. It contains all of Swamiji’s publications:

  • Atmabodha
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Bhaja Govindam
  • Choice Upanishads
  • Governing Business & Relationships
  • Select English Poems
  • The Fall of the Human Intellect
  • The Holocaust of Attachment
  • The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals
  • Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities


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