Swamp Thing (Wild Adventures)

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Swamp Thing
Wild Adventures
Coordinates 30°43′11″N 83°19′18″W / 30.719642°N 83.321744°W / 30.719642; -83.321744Coordinates: 30°43′11″N 83°19′18″W / 30.719642°N 83.321744°W / 30.719642; -83.321744
Status Operating
Opening date 2003 (2003)
General statistics
Type Steel – Inverted – Family
Manufacturer Vekoma
Model Suspended Family Coaster (342m)
Height 48 ft (15 m)
Length 1,122 ft (342 m)
Speed 26 mph (42 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 1:30
Height restriction 44 in (112 cm)
Swamp Thing at RCDB
Pictures of Swamp Thing at RCDB
The roller coaster's train

Swamp Thing is a steel roller coaster located at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. It opened at Wild Adventures in 2003 mainly as an introduction coaster for children. Swamp Thing is a standard Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster with alligator-themed scenery. In 2004, a second Swamp Thing coaster was opened at Cypress Gardens, but was later closed due to bankruptcy.

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