Swan neck duct

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There are a number of things known as a swan neck duct.

In Aviation[edit]

Typical swan (or goose) neck duct

A swan neck duct is a jet engine component, usually situated within the compression or turbine expansion system.

Many jet engines have a short annular passageway, linking two components, where there is a large change in mean radius, from front to rear. The shape of the resulting passageway is often similar to that of a swan or goose neck. Consequently, such a passageway is called a swan (or goose) neck duct.

In Biology[edit]

Bottle en col de cygne (Swan neck duct) used by Louis Pasteur

A swan neck duct is a particular shape of normally plastic or glass tube, much like a bent glass rod leading into a test tube. The "swan neck" significantly slows down the action of bacteria spreading through into the test tube. Louis Pasteur discovered that this method slows bacteria from gathering in the test tube in 1862 during one of his many chemical and microbiological tests.

See also[edit]

  • Swan - the animal to which the objects above are named after, due to the unique neck shape.