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SwapSimple, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Electronic commerce
Founded 2003
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Key people Elliot E. Hirsch, Founder & CEO
David J. Goldblatt, Founder & VP
Eric R. Haszlakiewicz, Founder & Systems Architect
Products Online trading of books, textbooks, DVDs, and video games
Website www.swapsimple.com

SwapSimple, founded in 2003 and based in Chicago, Illinois, is an internet based network of people who trade among each other the books, textbooks, DVDs, and video games they have finished,for ones they want - instead of buying and selling them.

Members are able to trade their items, in any combination, with other members across the United States using SwapSimple's online trading platform. The ability for users to add items easily and instantly receive credits is a large fraction of the service's value.

As of January 2012, the SwapSimple website will not accept any transactions ("swaps") and there is no response from customer support. The website is still visible but SwapSimle operations have ceased. As of July 2012, the SwapSimple website has been disabled.

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