Swarajya (magazine)

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Categories Editorial magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher V.Murali
First issue 1956
Company Bharathan Publications Private Limited.
Country India
Based in Chennai
Language English

Swarajya was a weekly magazine founded in 1956 by Khasa Subba Rao.[1] C. Rajagopalachari one of the founders of the Swatantra Party,[2] was a regular contributor to the magazine in the form of his 'Dear Reader' column.[3] The magazine strongly advocated individual freedom and freedom of enterprise as against Nehru's socialist policies. Swarajya enjoyed a reputation of being one of few magazines that argued against collectivist and statist policies of the ruling Congress party[4][5] Minoo Masani, R.Venkatraman, R.K. Laxman are some notable personalities who contributed to the magazine.[6][7] The Magazine folded up in late 1970's.

Revival of the Magazine[edit]

Scroll, an Indian online magazine reported that Swarajya "is set to return in a more modern avatar, as a monthly magazine as well as a daily news website. Expected to be built on the backbone of CentreRight.in, a website that has offered space to conservatives over the last four years, Swarajya will be positioning itself as an independent media outlet that offers a space for Right-of-centre thinking." [8]

The 'About Us' section of the magazine's website states that "A set of us, like-minded individuals committed to ideas like individual liberty, free enterprise and limited government, wanted to build an intellectually engaging digital and print platform on Politics, Economics & Culture. We envisaged a platform that seeks to channelize the positive impulses of a young nation that desires to be confident, prosperous, culturally rooted and enlightened. We had two options - either to build a new platform from scratch or of reviving/building on something existing and largely in tune with our ideological sensibilities and ethos. Exploring the latter option led us to Swarajya, a once vibrant journal that championed economic freedom and liberal values in Nehruvian India but stopped printing in 70's." [9]

The 'About Us' page also adds that "Swarajya will be a fiercely independent, ‘broad umbrella’ of right, liberal ideas. We will not be politically partisan. We stand for certain principles such as individual liberty and enterprise, free markets, a small State, openness, and cultural rootedness that is mindful of India’s diversity. It strive to champion the ideas that we believe in rather than support any party."

Editors and Notable Contributors[edit]


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