Swavesey Village College

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Swavesey Village College
Gibraltar Lane
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 4RS
England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 52°17′42″N 0°00′20″W / 52.29491°N 0.00555°W / 52.29491; -0.00555Coordinates: 52°17′42″N 0°00′20″W / 52.29491°N 0.00555°W / 52.29491; -0.00555
School type State secondary school
Religious affiliation(s) No religious affiliation
Established 1958
Founder Henry Morris
Specialist Languages, Science
Principal Andrew Daly
Staff 190+
Gender Mixed
Age 11 to 16
Language English
Hours in school day 6h 25m
  •      Brunel
  •      Cavendish
  •      Newton
  •      Orwell
  •      Pendleton
  •      Wilberforce
School colour(s) Maroon and sky blue         
Nickname 'SVC'
School roll c.1200
Type Academy
DfE URN 110863

Swavesey Village College is a village college and academy school in the village of Swavesey in south Cambridgeshire. As of 2010 the school has around 1,200 students. The school was officially opened on 14 November 1958. As of 2013 the principal is Martin Bacon though the Acting Principal, Andy Daly, has stepped in because Martin has been unable to attend the school due to personal health issues.

The school has an intake from many surrounding villages including Bar Hill, Over, Longstanton, Fenstanton, Fen Drayton, Hilton, Papworth Everard, Boxworth, Elsworth, Lolworth and Willingham.

On 11 June 2008, Swavesey Village College became a foundation school within the Swavesey Village College Educational Trust. On 1 April 2011, Swavesey Village College became an academy. The school also has specialisms in science and languages.

Swavesey Village College received a comment of 'outstanding in every respect' from Ofsted. SVC achieved full marks in every category in the Ofsted report.

The school runs many after school extra curricular clubs, which vary in category greatly, from sports to maths, to journalism to chess.

The school is able to accept students with learning disabilities such as Autism.

House System[edit]

The school is divided into six houses. Students are sorted into houses at random after their enrolment at the school. While it was once common practice to sort siblings into the same house, this was discontinued in to school year of 2009–10 and so now house allocation is entirely random.

The different subjects taught as SVC are also divided into houses, for example English belongs to Orwell House. This means that all subject teachers belong to their subject's house, and that these subject classrooms are adorned in the appropriate house colours. Form Groups contain pupils of only one house and are congregated in appropriate house classrooms with a Form Tutor from that house.

Each house is named after an influential person in history, and this generally reflects the subjects administered by that house. While each house has its own colour, this is not reflected in school or sports uniforms and is only usually seen on a house's noticeboard as to distinguish it from those of other houses.

An inter-house competition know as the 'Swavesey Superleague' runs each year, with houses gaining points for being successful in various competitions throughout the year. The pupils of the winning house usually receive some sort of reward or prize at the end of the school year.

Name Colour Subjects Additional information
Brunel      Red Culinary Science, Design & Technology, ICT Named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Cavendish      Pale Blue Natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Named after Henry Cavendish
Newton      Green Mathematics Named after Isaac Newton
Orwell      Blue English (Literature and Language) Named after George Orwell
Pendleton      Orange Drama, Music, Sport Named after Victoria Pendelton
New house as of September 2014
Wilberforce      Purple The humanities (Ethics, Geography, History) Named after William Wilberforce

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