Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000

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Eurovision Song Contest 2000
Country  Sweden
National selection
Selection process Melodifestivalen 2000
Selection date(s) 10 March 2000
Selected entrant Roger Pontare
Selected song "När vindarna viskar mitt namn"
Finals performance
Final result 7th, 88 points
Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Sweden was the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 thanks to Charlotte Nilsson's victory the previous year. Sveriges Television chose to hold the contest in Sweden's capital, Stockholm. The entry of the home country was chosen in Melodifestivalen 2000. 1 394 songs were submitted and 10 progressed to the final, which was one of the most seen TV shows ever in Sweden with 4 175 000 viewers. Just like last year, 11 juries combined with televotes selected the winner, which surprisingly was folk-inspired rock song "När vindarna viskar mitt namn". It was sung by Roger Pontare, who had also represented Sweden at the 1994 contest. The song was written and composed by Thomas Holmstrand, Linda Jansson and Peter Dahl.

Roger performed his song in the 18th spot, and received much cheers from the home public. The song had been translated into English and was now called "When Spirits Are Calling My Name", and the stage number was quite spectacular with Native American and Sami themes. Sweden finished 7th with 88 points (including 12 points from Turkey), which was enough to qualify them for the next contest as well.

Melodifestivalen 2000[edit]

For the full results, see Melodifestivalen 2000.
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Guide "Vi lever här, vi lever nu" 97 5th
2 Balsam Boys "Bara du och jag" 54 7th
3 Barbados "Se mig" 146 2nd
4 Avengers "När filmen är slut" 0 10th
5 Tom Nordahl "Alla änglar sjunger" 32 9th
6 Roger Pontare "När vindarna viskar mitt namn" 227 1st
7 Javiera Muñoz "Varje timma, var minut" 139 4th
8 Midnight Band "Tillsammans" 58 6th
9 Hanna Hedlund "Anropar försvunnen" 47 8th
10 Friends "När jag tänker på imorgon" 146 2nd
Points Awarded to Sweden (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point