Sweet 18

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Sweet 18
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Format Drama
Comedy Romance
Starring Han Ji Hye
Lee Dong Gun
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 16
Original channel KBS
Original run January 19, 2004 – March 9, 2004
Sweet 18
Hangul 18
Hanja 18
Revised Romanization Nangrang 18-se
McCune–Reischauer Nangrang 18-se

Sweet 18 is a South Korean television series produced by KBS in 2004. The story strongly focuses on both personal and clan-level relationships between Jung-sook, a member of Papyeong's Yun clan, and Hyuk-joon, a member of Andong's Kwon clan. Both clans had hoped for re-establishing good relations after being separated for three generations by war, by arranging a marriage between Jung-sook and Hyuk-joon upon Jung-sook's birth.

Plot summary[edit]

Yoon Jung-sook (Han Ji-hye) is an eighteen-year-old, dreamy, lively school girl. One day, she encounters a mysterious man in traditional Korean clothing on the streets who carries a piece of literature her quite famous grandfather treasured. Despite not seeing his face, she falls head-over-heels in love with him and vows to marry him. Since she is the member of an ancient and noble Korean Clan, the Yun clan, she will marry Kwon Hyuk-joon (Lee Dong-Gun), the heir of the Kwon clan. Hyuk-joon is ten years older than Jung-sook and already a prosecutor. Jung-sook finds out that Hyuk-joon is the mysterious man whom she fell in love with and willingly marries him. She becomes a housewife while her friends continue to attend college. Two worlds clash, as Jung-sook is still an immature teenager and Hyuk-joon a grown man. However, slowly, they become attracted to each other and fall in love, despite the fact that Jung-sook is pursued by a school mate and Hyuk-joon meets his first love again, who wants him back. Jung-sook has much to learn about the ancient traditions of the family of her husband and what it means to be married to a first-born son, however in the end, they are deeply in love with each other. Jung-sook gives birth to twins and starts a sewing business. Hyuk-joon continues working as a prosecutor in the police force in Seoul.


  • Han Ji-hye as Yoon Jung-sook
  • Lee Dong-gun as Kwon Hyuk-joon
  • Lee Da-hae as Moon Ga-young
  • Lee Joon as Jee Chul-reum
  • Yoo Hye Jung as Kwon Sun-ah
  • Park Hyung Jae as Kwon Jin-sa
  • Kim Hae-sook as Jung-sook's mother
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Jung-sook's blind date
  • Lee Eun-joo as Seo Hyun-ju (Second Princess)
  • Lee Eun-shil as Eun-ju (Third Princess)


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