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This article is about the band. For the Macy Gray featuring Erykah Badu song, see Sweet Baby (song).

Sweet Baby (originally known as Sweet Baby Jesus) was a pop punk band that originated from Berkeley, California, and was part of the 924 Gilman Street scene. They were signed to Ruby Records.

Formed in 1986 by singer Dallas Denery and singer/guitarist Matt Buenrostro with Crispy Jim (later of The Saddlebacks) on bass and Dr. Frank (the frontman of The Mr. T Experience) on drums. Frank and Crispy Jim did not appear on any Sweet Baby recordings, having been already replaced by Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack) and Richie Bucher (Jüke, Wynona Ryders), respectively. Aaron Elliott aka Aaron Cometbus also played drums for them on their 1989 US tour. They had two songs on the Maximum Rock and Roll compilation Turn it Around (1988), "She's from Salinas" and "Pathetic." In 1989, they released their only LP, It's A Girl on Ruby Records (a Slash/Warner subsidiary). Lookout Records re-released it in 1995.

In January 2005, their song, "Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby, I Love You" was featured on Bravo in an advertisement for the show Queer Eye for the Straight Girl.

In 1989 due to Sweet Baby, Green Day changed their name from Sweet Children to Green Day for there to be no confusion before releasing their first EP 1,000 Hours.

Band members[edit]

  • Dallas Denery is currently an assistant professor at Bowdoin College in the History Department and regularly broadcasts a radio show for WBOR 91.1 called "Dick and Jane's Cocktail Hour" with his wife and son "Spot." They generally play a "happy hour" of lounge music starting at 5:00 pm and then an hour of independent rock on various weekdays.

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