Sweet Little Lies

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This article is about the novel by Lauren Conrad. For the Japanese film, see Sweet Little Lies (film).
Sweet Little Lies
Sweet Little Lies Lauren Conrad.jpg
Author Lauren Conrad
Country United States
Language English
Series L.A. Candy
Genre Young-adult fiction
Publisher TeenHarper
Publication date
February 8, 2010 (2010-02-08)
Media type Print
Pages 320
Preceded by L.A. Candy
Followed by Sugar and Spice

L.A. Candy is a young-adult fiction novel by American television personality Lauren Conrad. It was published on February 8, 2010 by HarperTeen, as the second novel from the L.A. Candy series.


Main Characters[edit]

Jane Roberts: The book's central character and main star of L.A. Candy. The novel picks up where L.A. Candy left off with Jane abruptly leaving Los Angeles with Madison to a discreet location.

Scarlett Harp: Jane's best friend, who also stars in L.A. Candy. Once hesitant to join the show, Scarlett decides to for Jane's sake. As the novel develops Scarlett finds her friendship with Jane disappearing as Jane begins to put the celebrity world first and who she is second. Although feeling distant from her once best friend, Scarlett looks out for her best friend. Her abrasive personality and stunning looks makes her a favorite on the show to begin with, but she later tries to avoid the camera as much as she can. She dislikes being on the show as it interrupts her education at a highly reviewed college where she studies philosophy. Scarlett's judgments of Madison seem to go unnoticed by Jane but when Scarlett finds out it was Madison who supplied the pictures to a publisher of a magazine called Gossip she will stop at nothing to put Madison in her place.

Madison Parker: A power hungry socialite who also stars in L.A. Candy, and will stop at nothing to get the main role and fame. Initially portrayed as a wealthy blonde bombshell but shown in her true colours when she takes pictures of Jane sleeping with Braden in order to get her to quit the show. After Veronica puts them online she manipulates Jane, who doesn't know the truth, to come with her to a discreet location in Mexico with no cell phone reception.

Gaby Garcia: A member of the L.A. Candy cast. Slightly ditzy, but fun and bubbly. Gaby is described by the girls as a dim-witted yet kind, loyal person. She becomes close friends with Madison and plays up to the cameras whenever they want her to.

Minor Characters[edit]

Hannah Stratton: Jane's co-worker, they become good friends quickly. Jane describes Hannah as one of her closest friends later in the book. She has no problems being in front of the camera and Jane sees her as a genuine friend.

Diego: A close friend of Jane and Scarlett's who works for Gossip. He meets Jane and Scarlett early on in the book and introduces them to the Hollywood scene. He works for Veronica but did not know of Madison's betrayal or the controversial pictures of Jane.

Braden James: Jane's crush and very good friend.

Liam: A cameraman for L.A Candy and Scarlett's crush

Dana: A producer for L.A. Candy.

Fiona Chen: Jane and Hannah's boss who can be caring and brutal at the same time. (Based on Lisa Love and Kelly Cutrone)

Cammy: A girl at Scarlet's college, who tries to befriend her in hopes of her 15 minutes of fame. (Possibly based on Jen Bunney and Stephanie Pratt)

Jesse Edwards: A lothario who Jane dates despite his past with women and Braden's best friend since childhood. (Loosely based on Jason Wahler)

Willow: Braden's on-again off-again girlfriend.

Paolo: A guy the producers set up with Jane.

Veronica Bliss: Diego's boss, publishes the pictures of Jane and Braden together.

Caleb Hunt: Jane's ex. Her first long term boyfriend who broke up with her after struggling with a long distance relationship.

Trevor Lord: Creator & Producer of L.A. Candy.