Sweet Sweet Music

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Sweet Sweet Music
Live album by Bert Jansch
Released 13 February 2012
Recorded 22 April 2006, recorded live at the Sheffield Memorial Hall, England.
Genre Folk
Label Secret Records
Bert Jansch chronology
Dazzling Stranger: The Bert Jansch Anthology

Sweet Sweet Music is a live album by the late Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, released on 13 February 2012. This album is amongst the last of his live recordings.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Bert Jansch; except where indicated[1]

  1. "It Don't Bother Me"
  2. "Strolling Down the Highway"
  3. "Blackwaterslide"
  4. "My Pocket's Empty Baby"
  5. "Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning"
  6. "Rosemary Lane"
  7. "Blues Run the Game" (Jackson Frank)
  8. "Courting Blues"
  9. "Reynardine"
  10. "Poison"
  11. "October Song" (Robin Williamson)
  12. "Hey Pretty Girl"


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