Swift Manouver

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Swift Manouver
Origin Cheltenham, England, UK
Genres Rock/Reggae/Ska,[1]
Years active 2009–Present
Labels [[Match Factory Records][Totem Records]]
Website swiftmanouver.co.uk
Members Kingsley Salmon
Robert Paget
Aaron Evans
Dan Snowden
Past members Graham Moran - Deceased
Paul C. Paget - Manager

Swift Manouver were an English rock band from Cheltenham,[2] comprising Kingsley Salmon (guitar, lead vocals), Robert Paget (bass, vocals) Aaron Evans (drums) and Dan Snowden (Rhythm Guitar).


2009–2010: Early years and Honor Amongst Thieves[edit]

The band started out as a 4 piece indie band with a main vocalist (name unknown), Kingsley playing guitar, Rob on bass and a drummer called Adam. The 4 called themselves Honor Amongst Thieves. Just before the band's first gig however, due to stage fright the vocalist decided to pull out, forcing Kingsley to step up to the microphone. This formation carried on for a few months until Adam left due to issues with commitment. This left Kingsley and Rob with no drummer. That was until they found Aaron. Bookings, Management and Promotion of the band was dealt with by Paul C. Paget. [3]

2010- May 2012[edit]

Following the astounding release of their 2nd EP "Beast At Its Best" (2011) which saw one of their home regions most amazing launch parties, the band embarked on a tour of The Netherlands, Belgium and France which raised their profile on the European scene. In 2012 the band embarked on a project with Totem Records to produce the "Frequency" EP and tied in another European tour to promote the release however, due to many issues Totem records failed to finish production of the EP in time for the tour and although there are some rare copies of the promo disc around the album was never released on CD and became a free download for fans via the bands various sites. In May 2012 following several continually rising issues which, the band failed to resolve it was decided that they would split and their final gig was at "The Thing In The Spring" event at The Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham.

Sept 2012 - 2013: Rebirth and End of the road.[edit]

Following the breakup of the band, pressure came from various fronts (fans, radio stations, promoters etc.) the band decided to give it another try with a couple of changes taking place including the addition to the band of Dan Snowden as a rhythm guitarist and Paul C. Paget stepped down as manager citing personal reasons for the decision (Quote: "when it stops being fun... it's time to get the hell out!!").

However, despite efforts to get along and gigging across the country the previous underlying tensions remained, increasing with some members devoting time to new projects instead of trying moving the band forward.

Finally in July 2013 the decision was made to lay Swift Manouver to rest once and for all and close the Myspace and Facebook pages.

Band members[edit]

Current band members

  • Kingsley Salmon – lead guitar, lead vocals
  • Robert Paget – bass guitar, vocals
  • Aaron Evans – drums
  • Dan Snowden - Rhythm Guitar

Studio albums[edit]

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