Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre team swimming

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Men's 200 metre team swimming
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue River Seine
Date August 12
Competitors 20 from 2 nations
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Bronze medal 
Swimming at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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The men's 200 metre team swimming was an event on the swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics schedule in Paris. It was held on August 12, 1900. 20 swimmers from 2 nations constituted four teams; 18 of the swimmers actually swam.

There were four heats, with five swimmers in each heat. Scoring used a fairly strange system—swimmers were seeded into the heats, then received a number of points depending on what place they received in which heat. The five swimmers in the first heat were given between 1 and 5 points, with the winner receiving 1 and points increasing with place. The swimmers in the second heat received between 6 and 10 points, and so on. The scores of the five swimmers on a team were summed, and the team with the fewest points won. This gave a strong advantage to the German team, which had three swimmers in the first heat, and an equally strong disadvantage to the Parisian team, with three swimmers in the fourth heat.

If points are given by best time regardless of heat, the Pupilles de Neptune and the Tritons switch places, though the Germans still win and the Parisian team still takes fourth.[1]



Heat 1

Place Swimmer Team Time Points
1  Ernst Hoppenberg (GER) Deutscher Schwimm-Verband Berlin 2:35.4 1
2  Max Hainle (GER) Deutscher Schwimm-Verband Berlin 2:36.0 2
3  Maurice Hochepied (FRA) Tritons Lillois 2:53.0 3
4  Julius Frey[2] (GER) Deutscher Schwimm-Verband Berlin 2:55.0 4
5  Bertrand (FRA) Tritons Lillois 3:00.0 5

Heat 2

Place Swimmer Team Time Points
1  Max Schöne[3] (GER) Deutscher Schwimm-Verband Berlin 2:42.0 6
2  Jules Clévenot (FRA) Libellule de Paris 2:45.0 7
3  Tartara (FRA) Pupilles de Neptune de Lille 2:48.6 8
4  Désiré Mérchez (FRA) Pupilles de Neptune de Lille 2:55.4 9
5  Rosier (FRA) Libellule de Paris 3:04.4 10

Heat 3

Place Swimmer Team Time Points
1  Louis Martin (FRA) Pupilles de Neptune de Lille 2:51.4 11
2  Victor Hochepied (FRA) Tritons Lillois 2:56.4 12
3  Verbecke (FRA) Tritons Lillois 3:01.6 13
4  Georges Leuillieux (FRA) Pupilles de Neptune de Lille 2:55.0 14

Heat 4

Place Swimmer Team Time Points
1  Féret (FRA) Libellule de Paris 3:00.4 15
2  Gasaigne (FRA) Libellule de Paris 3:02.0 16
3  Pelloy (FRA) Libellule de Paris 3:06.0 17
4  Victor Cadet (FRA) Tritons Lillois 3:18.0 18

Did not start

The following two swimmers did not compete and thus earned 20 points for their teams:

Team scores[edit]

The final was held on August 12.

Place Team Swimmers Nation Points
1 Deutscher Schwimm-Verband Berlin Ernst Hoppenberg
Max Hainle
Julius Frey
Max Schöne
Herbert von Petersdorff
 Germany (GER) 33
2 Tritons Lillois Maurice Hochepied
Victor Hochepied
Victor Cadet
 France (FRA) 51
3 Pupilles de Neptune de Lille Tartara
Désiré Mérchez
Louis Martin
Georges Leuillieux
 France (FRA) 62
4 Libellule de Paris Jules Clévenot
 France (FRA) 65


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  3. ^ Mallon gives this swimmer as Gustav Lexau.
  4. ^ Houben did not actually compete; however, he is listed in the IOC's medal database as part of the Neptune team.