Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 4000 metre freestyle

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Men's 4000 metre freestyle
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue River Seine
Dates August 15 (semifinals)
August 19 (final)
Competitors 29 from 7 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
Swimming at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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The men's 4000 metre freestyle was an event on the Swimming at the 1900 Summer Olympics schedule in Paris. It was the longest of the three freestyle events. It was held on 15 August and 19 August 1900. 29 swimmers from 7 nations competed.

The 4000 metre freestyle event was held only once. It was the longest Olympic swimming event for over a century, until the 10 kilometre open water event was introduced at the 2008 Summer Olympics.



In the first round, there were three semifinals. The winner of each semifinal advanced to the final, as did the six fastest losers from across all the semifinals. The semifinals were held on 15 August.

Semifinal 1[edit]

Place Swimmer Time
1  John Arthur Jarvis (GBR) 1:01:48.4
2  Thomas Burgess (GBR) 1:15:04.8
3  Louis Martin (FRA) 1:22:29.6
4  Anderlé (AUT) 1:26:25.6
5  Lagarde (FRA) 1:38:31.8
6  de Romand (FRA) 1:50:36.4
7  Fumouze (FRA) 2:02:27.0
 Hermand (BEL) DNF
 Jean Leuillieux (FRA) DNF

Semifinal 2[edit]

Place Swimmer Time
1  Zoltán Halmay (HUN) 1:11:33.4
2  Eduard Meijer (NED) 1:17:55.4
3  William Henry (GBR) 1:22:58.4
4  Texier (FRA) 1:31:02.8
5  Kobierski (FRA) 1:37:10.4
6  Lué (FRA) 1:46:40.4
 L. Baudoin (FRA) DNF
 Gallais (FRA) DNF
 Landrich (FRA) DNF

Semifinal 3[edit]

Place Swimmer Time
1  Fabio Magnoni (ITA) 1:25:16.6
2  E. Martin (FRA) 1:28:32.6
3  Louis Laufray (FRA) 1:35:03.2
4  Mortier (FRA) 1:40:16.8
 Jules Clévenot (FRA) DNF
 Gellé (FRA) DNF
 Heyberger (FRA) DNF
 E. T. Jones (GBR) DNF
 Loppé (FRA) DNF
 Regnault (FRA) DNF
 Vallée (FRA) DNF


The final was held on 19 August. Jarvis won easily, more than ten minutes ahead of Halmay.

Place Athlete Time
1  John Arthur Jarvis (GBR) 58:24.0
2  Zoltán Halmay (HUN) 1:08:55.4
3  Louis Martin (FRA) 1:13:08.4
4  Thomas Burgess (GBR) 1:15:07.6
5  Eduard Meijer (NED) 1:16:37.2
6  Fabio Magnoni (ITA) 1:18:25.4
7  E. Martin (FRA) 1:26:32.2
 Anderlé (AUT) DNF
 William Henry (GBR) DNF