Swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metre backstroke

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Men's 100 metre backstroke
at the Games of the V Olympiad
Venue Djurgårdsbrunnsviken
Dates July 9–13
Competitors 18 from 7 nations
Gold medal    United States
Silver medal    Germany
Bronze medal    Germany
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Swimming at the
1912 Summer Olympics
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The men's 100 metre backstroke was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. It was the second appearance of the event, which had been introduced in 1908. In 1904 a 100 yard event was held. The competition was held from Tuesday July 9, 1912 to Saturday July 13, 1912.

Eighteen swimmers from seven nations competed.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1912 Summer Olympics.

World Record 1:15.6 Germany Otto Fahr Magdeburg (GER) April 29, 1912
Olympic Record 1:24.6 Germany Arno Bieberstein London (GBR) July 17, 1908

The Olympic record fell during the very first heat. Harry Hebner's 1:21.0 in the first heat stood until Hebner raced again. In the first semifinal, he bettered his own new record with a 1:20.8. He was unable to match that pace in the final, but still took the win with a finish that was over 1 second faster than the second-place swimmer.



The top two in each heat advanced along with the fastest loser overall.

Quarterfinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Harry Hebner (USA) 1:21.0 QS OR
2  Otto Groß (GER) 1:24.0 QS
3  Åke Bergman (SWE) 1:33.8
 Oscar Schiele (GER) DQ

Quarterfinal 2

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Otto Fahr (GER) 1:22.0 QS
2  George Webster (GBR) 1:29.4 QS
3  Hugo Lundevall (SWE) 1:46.8
 János Wenk (HUN) DQ

Quarterfinal 3

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  András Baronyi (HUN) 1:22.0 QS
2  Paul Kellner (GER) 1:26.0 QS
3  Harry Svendsen (NOR) 1:47.2
 Oscar Grégoire (BEL) DQ

Quarterfinal 4

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Herbert Haresnape (GBR) 1:27.0 QS
2  Erich Schultze (GER) 1:27.2 QS
3  Gunnar Sundman (SWE) 1:31.2 qs
4  John Johnsen (NOR) 1:34.2

Quarterfinal 5

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  László Szentgróthy (HUN) 1:26.6 QS
2  Frank Sandon (GBR) 1:31.8 QS


The top two from each heat and the faster of the two third place swimmers advanced.

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Harry Hebner (USA) 1:20.8 QF OR
2  Otto Fahr (GER) 1:21.8 QF
3  András Baronyi (HUN) 1:26.2 qf
4  László Szentgróthy (HUN) 1:26.4
5  Erich Schultze (GER)
6  George Webster (GBR)

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmer Time Qual.
1  Otto Groß (GER) 1:26.0 QF
2  Paul Kellner (GER) 1:26.2 QF
3  Herbert Haresnape (GBR) 1:26.8
4  Frank Sandon (GBR) 1:32.2
 Gunnar Sundman (SWE) 1:35.0


Place Swimmer Time
1  Harry Hebner (USA) 1:21.2
2  Otto Fahr (GER) 1:22.4
3  Paul Kellner (GER) 1:24.0
4  András Baronyi (HUN) 1:25.2
5  Otto Groß (GER) 1:25.8


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