Swimming at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Women's 4 × 100 metre freestyle relay

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Swimming at the
1936 Summer Olympics
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The women's 4x100 metre freestyle relay was a swimming event held as part of the swimming at the 1936 Summer Olympics programme. It was the sixth appearance of the event, which was established in 1912. The competition was held on Wednesday, August 12, 1936 and on Friday, August 14, 1936.

The United States and Germany both replaced one swimmer between the semi-finals and the final. Thirty-eight swimmers from nine nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Netherlands (NED)
Rie Mastenbroek
Willy den Ouden
Jopie Selbach
Tini Wagner
 Germany (GER)
Gisela Arendt
Ruth Halbsguth
Leni Lohmar
Ingeborg Schmitz
 United States (USA)
Mavis Freeman
Bernice Lapp
Olive McKean
Katherine Rawls

Note: The International Olympic Committee medal database shows only these swimmers as medalists. Ursula Pollack swam for Germany in the semi-finals but is not credited with a silver medal. Also the American Elizabeth Ryan who swam in the semi-finals is not listed as bronze medalist.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1936 Summer Olympics.

World Record 4:32.8 Netherlands Jopie Selbach
Netherlands Rie Mastenbroek
Netherlands Tini Wagner
Netherlands Willy den Ouden
Rotterdam (NED) May 24, 1936
Olympic Record 4:38.0 United States Josephine McKim
United States Helen Johns
United States Eleanor Saville
United States Helene Madison
Los Angeles (USA) August 12, 1932

In the final the Netherlands set a new Olympic record with 4:36.0 minutes.



Wednesday, August 12, 1936: The fastest three in each semi-final and the fastest fourth-placed advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1

Place Swimmers Time Qual.
1  Mavis Freeman, Bernice Lapp, Olive McKean, and Elizabeth Ryan (USA) 4:47.1 QQ
2  Zilpha Grant, Edna Hughes, Margaret Jeffrey, and Olive Wadham (GBR) 4:47.2 QQ
3  Phyllis Dewar, Mary McConkey, Irene Pirie-Milton, and Margaret Stone (CAN) 4:49.7 QQ
4  Ilona Ács, Ágnes Bíró, Vera Harsányi, and Magda Lenkei (HUN) 4:50.6 qq
5  Roma Wagner, Franziska Mally, Grete Ittlinger, and Elli von Kropiwnicki (AUT) 5:16.6

Semifinal 2

Place Swimmers Time Qual.
1  Rie Mastenbroek, Willy den Ouden, Jopie Selbach, and Tini Wagner (NED) 4:38.1 QQ
2  Ruth Halbsguth, Leni Lohmar, Ursula Pollack, and Ingeborg Schmitz (GER) 4:40.5 QQ
3  Eva Arndt, Tove Bruunstrøm, Ragnhild Hveger, and Elvi Svendsen (DEN) 4:46.2 QQ
4  Tsuneko Furuta, Kazue Kojima, Hatsuko Morioka, and Rei Takemura (JPN) 4:58.1


Friday, August 14, 1936:

Place Swimmers Time
1  Jopie Selbach, Tini Wagner, Willy den Ouden, and Rie Mastenbroek (NED) 4:36.0 OR
2  Ruth Halbsguth, Leni Lohmar, Ingeborg Schmitz, and Gisela Arendt (GER) 4:36.8
3  Katherine Rawls, Bernice Lapp, Mavis Freeman, and Olive McKean (USA) 4:40.2
4  Ilona Ács, Ágnes Bíró, Vera Harsányi, and Magda Lenkei (HUN) 4:48.0
 Mary McConkey, Irene Pirie-Milton, Margaret Stone, and Phyllis Dewar (CAN) 4:48.0
6  Margaret Jeffrey, Zilpha Grant, Edna Hughes, and Olive Wadham (GBR) 4:51.0
7  Ragnhild Hveger, Tove Bruunstrøm, Elvi Svendsen, and Eva Arndt (DEN) 4:51.4