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Pig judging in Britain

Pig show is a judged event or display where pigs compete to win various titles in each category. Pigs are scored on their market quality which includes muscle, fat, and body structure along with qualities they must possess for their specific breed. Other names for a pig show include swine show and hog show. A pig show is frequently part of a larger agricultural show.

History of the pig show[edit]

Pig shows started out on farms where the owner and other pig farmers would gather to decide which pig had the best qualities for breeding.

A show is typically divided up into classes so that the judge can study fewer pigs at a time. The structure is made so that there are division champions and reserve champions and ultimately an over-all Grand Champion. [1]

Swine judging[edit]

Swine judging is the process of selectively ordering swine or domestic pigs in order to determine the superior specimen. For market hogs, traits are ranked in order of their importance: Degree of muscling, growth, capacity or volume, degree of leanness, structure and soundness.[2] For maternal line breeding gilts, the traits by order of importance are: Structure and soundness, Growth, Underline quality, Capacity or volume, Degree of muscling, Degree of leanness.[3]

Pig shows by country[edit]

Major Pig shows in the United States[edit]

Name of Pig Show Location
Weanling Pig Extravaganza Richmond, Indiana
World Pork Expo and Junior Event Des Moines, Iowa
Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular Louisville, Kentucky
Lincoln County Fair Troy, Missouri
Socorro County Fair Socorro, New Mexico
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Southwest Type Conference Belton, Texas
Southwest Hampshire Type Conference Sweetwater, Texas

Pig shows in People's Republic of China[edit]

In China, the first pig show was the Guangdong Breeding Pigs Auction which began January 18, 1996.[4] Most pig shows in china are pig-breeding auctions. More than 10 provinces have in the past hosted these pig-breeding auctions, but only two provinces (Guangdong Province and Hubei Province) still host it.[5]

Name of Pig Show Location Date
Guangdong Pig Industry Expo(Chinese: 广东省养猪产业博览会) Guangzhou, Guangdong Province June 16 - June 18 and December 16 - December 18, twice per year
Hubei Breeding Pigs Auction(Chinese: 湖北种猪测定拍卖会) Wuhan, Hubei Province October 17 - October 18, once per year

Pig Show in Australia[edit]

In Australia, The Sydney Royal Easter Show Competition is held annually. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of the largest and most prestigious Pig Shows in Australia. It is held in Sydney, at the Paddington Pavilion. Pigs were exhibited at the first Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1858 and the pig competition has been held at nearly every show since. Exhibitors that compete at the Sydney Royal Pig Show are often from small family-based Stud farms.[6]

Pig breeds exhibited include: Berkshire (pig), Duroc (pig), Hampshire (pig), American Landrace, Large White pig, Tamworth pig Wessex Saddleback pig.

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