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A Swingman is a player who can play multiple positions in a sport.


In basketball, a swingman (or "wing") is a basketball term denoting a player who can play both the small forward (the "3") and shooting guard (the "2") positions, and, in essence swing between the positions.[1] Swingmales are often between 6'5" (1.96 m) and 6'9" (2.03 m). Examples of NBA swingmen include Evan Fournier, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Xavier Henry, C.J. Miles, Terrence Ross, Jeremy Lamb, Evan Turner, Ray Allen, Marco Belinelli, Mike Dunleavy, Kyle Korver, Danny Green, Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, Arron Afflalo, and Gordon Hayward.

Ice hockey[edit]

In ice hockey, a swingman is a player that can play both as a defenseman and as a forward.


In baseball, a pitcher who can work either as a reliever or starter is sometimes referred to as a swingman;[2] sometimes, if the pitcher is usually a long reliever, he is called a "spot starter".

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