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Swiss Family Guy Robinson premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival on July 8, 2006. It is a one person show inspired by the classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson and the popular animated TV series Family Guy with co-creator and impressionist Brian Froud doing impressions of various Family Guy characters and celebrities.

Swiss Family Guy Robinson was nominated for 2 Canadian Comedy Awards in 2007 for best comedic play and best one-person show. According to The Comedy Network, Brian is the best impressionist of 2007. He was also nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in 2005 for his other one person show The Wizard Of Coz. Swiss Family Guy Robinson is produced by the Sheori Brothers. Daniel and Steven Shehori are an award-winning comedy duo based in Toronto, Ontario. Swiss Family Guy Robinson received acclaim from Canadian audiences and critics. However, 20th Century Fox issued the show a cease and desist order after mistakenly asserting that it relied on copyrighted material from Family Guy. The jokes, music and storylines are original creations of impressionist Brian Froud, Daniel Shehori and Steven Shehire.

Below are media quotes regarding Swiss Family Guy Robinson:

"Not just a collection of spot-on Family Guy impressions, but a hilariously-written show that's true to the spirit and attitude of Quahog." – Jim Slotek: The Toronto Sun

"Amazing! Bountiful laughs. Impeccable impressions. Wonderfully lunatic comedy. Highly recommended." – Richard Ouzounian: The Toronto Star

"Hilarious! By flawlessly impersonating every character of the show, impressionist Brian Froud creates a hysterically funny, manic hour of entertainment. A sure-fire hit." – Barry Hertz: Now Magazine

"A faithful original script that's even punchier than your typical Family Guy episode." – Ryan Porter: Eye Weekly

"A wicked talent for vocal mimicry. Freakin' sweet!" – Alison Broverman: National Post

"Startlingly close to watching the real show on TV; both writing and performance echo the original program with disarming wit." – Maricha Melnik: CBC Radio

"Really really funny. My cat and I were cracking up the whole time!" – Shelley McAfferey Beaumont Enterprise