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Name Swiss Internet Exchange
Abbreviation SwissIX
Founded 2001
Location Basel, Bern, Glattbrugg, Zurich (Switzerland)
Members 132 1
Ports 145 2
Daily traffic  
- Peek Bandwidth ~31.1 Gbit/s 3
- Average Bandwidth ~18.4 Gbit/s 3

1 Data from SwissIX participant list (2012-January-20)
2 Data from peer matrix (2012-January-20)
3 Data from SwissIX statistics (2012-January-20)

The Swiss Internet Exchange (SwissIX) is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) situated in Switzerland, currently in the following cities: Basel, Bern, Glattbrugg, Zurich. SwissIX is a fast growing, non-profit, neutral and independent peering network. On 9 March 2001 SwissIX was established as an Association in Glattbrugg, operating under Swiss Law.

The SwissIX is the largest Internet Exchange Point in Switzerland, when measured by number of members and traffic.


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